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This IS America…(Keeping it Real with Amanda Seales)

On this episode I am joined by Candice, Chu, Rick, and Wayne and we discuss:

  • The false perception of America
  • The importance of education outside of the classroom
  • Allies
  • False Prophets (the girl with the hair)
  • Keeping it Real with Amanda Seales
  • Athletes attending HBCUs

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Where do we go from here?

On this episode, I give my thoughts on: 

  • The response to George Floyd’s death
  • Where we go from here
  • More White Audacity
  • Criminal Justice Reform
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Last Dance Recap

On this episode, I sit down with Boink and Eric and we give our thoughts on the Last Dance Documentary and Michael Jordan. 

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Big Baby's Podcast | Episode 74| COVID Conspiracy

On this episode I’m podding mostly alone and talk about the following:

  • Quarantine (3:22)
  • Leadership (13:20)
  • Knowing your audience on social media (22:35)
  • Public Disrespect deserves a public apology (30:00)
  • COVID Conspiracy (37:00)
  • Being Black in America is like being in an abusive relationship (47:00)