On this episode we open up by discussing the backlash Dave Chapelle received from his recent set on at a comedy show.  We then pivot to a conversation on Mental Health. We start by discussing Anxiety being a Conspiracy Theory about the person experiencing it. We close out this part of the episode by talking about improving Mental Health and warning signs.  In part 2 we pick back up discussing the Mental Health Conversation. We talk about different ways to improve Mental Health, and you would be shocked! Next we transition into the Church using fear instead of using God's power. After that I discuss Dr. Umar's disrespect to LeBron James because of Bronny's prom date. Next we discuss whether or not the Juneteenth products in stores are pandering, appropriation, or appropriate. We close the podcast by discussing the Netflix show Love is Blind and whether or not love is truly blind or has eyes. 

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