Ole fine Nizhonlii is back and settling into her new role on the pod. This pod is centered our Christmas brunch in Bahrain and the many conversations that we had. We talk about being a crazy lover and pulling up on your significant other. Then we venture into sex and making impressions with people who want to impress. We follow that with a dive into rejection, dating, and Summer Camp Friends. I follow this with a mid post monologue on what a real “N” word is, but we struggle to find the word for the female equivalent. After a few too many compliments to my cohost we discuss societies infatuation with physical attraction. I come back with another mini monlogue on janky preachers, in response to the prices of the upcoming Joel Osteen event. We do a little bit on the fall of the Queen Nicki Minaj. We close out with a conversation on love at first sight. 

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