Big Baby And Parlay Pete | The New Media |

On this episode Parlay Pete And I discuss a wide array of topics many of which centered the media. We discuss Kendrick Perkins and  and Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving and Stephen A Smith, Shaq and Rudy Gobert, and Sha'Carri Richardson's recent comments. We then discuss the worst teams to win a NBA championship and the best teams not to win a ring. 

| Episode 180 | We Are Slaves To The Media And Hollywood | Who Has The Best Rap Voice? |

On this episode we open open up by discussing how bad we are manipulated by what we consume if we do not get out and live life. Next we discuss E-Pimps who are exploiting the onlyfans market for their personal gain. After that we discuss whether or not the traditional family is outdated. Lastly we close the pod by discussing which rappers have the best voices. 

Big Baby And Parlay Pete | Deshaun Watson Hit Job Has Come Full Circle|

On this episode I open up by blasting Freezing Cold Takes. Parlay Pete and I then discuss the first three games of the NBA finals. Next we discuss Deshaun Watson and the New York Times article detailing the extent of his actions with numerous massage therapists. After discussing some more football including the sale of the Broncos and Gruden vs Godell we discuss the Liv Golf Series. We closeout the podcast discussing The Rolling Stones Top 200 Hip Hop Albums.

Big Baby's Podcast | Episode 179 | Do Awareness Months Matter?

On this episode I open up discussing the flaws of capitalism and bottom line culture. Next we question whether Awareness Months even matter? After that we discuss what it will take to get effective gun reform in America. Next we tap into the relationship portion of the pod. We closeout discussing Joe Budden's strip club comments