Big Baby’s Podcast | Episode 135|Black Privilege with Josh Fowler|

My friend Josh Fowler and I discuss Black Privilege and other issues plaguing Black America. We cover the black media by discussing Charlemagne the god, Joe Budden, and Kwame Brown. We discuss black not accepting their privilege. We closeout by discussing the church. 

Big Baby’s Podcast | Episode 134 |The Streets Is Talkin to the Big Baby!|

Goldmouth Tommy and I join forces to discuss 6 topics. The kicker is, neither of us know which 3 topics the other is bringing. As you know we were all over the place. We discussed Joe Budden, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, Kwame Brown, Kevin Samuels, Dating in 2021, Religion, and More!!!!

Big Baby’s Podcast | Episode 132|Quarantine Is Over!!!|

I'm back and settled in my new place and I am here to pod! I discuss the recent changes in my life, Covid, The responses by states to the needs of the people, Racism in America, The end of the Joe Budden Podcast  as we Know it and more!!!!

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